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Web App

Builders Bridge

LightingCode built a Web App for Builders Bridge to handle their hundreds of applicants for internships. The Builders Bridge internship app was built with NextJS and Typescript, with an API in NestJS, and a PostgreSQL database managed by the Prisma ORM. The app handles complex data including resume upload, automatic Teams interview scheduling, legal document signing with SignNow, and more.

Screenshot of Beds for Kids Homepage

Web App

Beds for Kids

Beds for Kids ( is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides furniture for children in need. LightningCode is currently working with B4K to streamline their inventory system as well as build out a web app to help staff and volunteers better serve the community. The site is being built in NextJS, API in NestJS, and PostgreSQL as the database.

Two screenshots of app screens

Mobile App

SPX FLOW eXpress

LightningCode built a mobile app for a manufacturing company. The app is written in React Native, and interfaces with an API built on .NET. This application supports both iOS and Android devices, and uses cutting edge technologies that allow it to dynamically change the UI based on the device's theme. The application uses neural networks and machine learning to read serial numbers off of products to help service them.

screenshot of homepage in late 2020

Web App

Stay Plugged IN ( is a company that helps get highschoolers recruited to college for Esports. LightningCode built out SPIN's entire infrastructure, including a website written in React, an API written in Express, and MongoDB as a database. Their infrastructure is managed using Kubernetes. SPIN serves over 4,000 (2020) users with this website.

screenshot of rntr github

Open Source Library


react-native-text-recognition is an Open Source library built by LightningCode to bridge code between React Native and Google MLKit. It is written in TypeScript, Java, and Swift and uses the Google API on-device to read text from images. You can find the source code on Github, or install the library from npm.

screenshot of multi-vesta github

Open Source Library


multi-vesta is an Open Source library built by LightningCode manage and synchronize multiple Vestaboards in either a residential or commercial environment. This library is written in TypeScript, and significantly reduces the amount of boilerplate code that is required to manage Vestaboards. Github, or install the library from npm.

screenshot of Rinnai github

Open Source Mobile App

Rinnai Control-R Widget

Rinnai Control-R Widget is an Open Source mobile app built by LightningCode to control Rinnai Water Heater devices, and allow users to add an iOS widget to their homescreen to see the status of their water heaters. This app was written entirely in Swift. You can see the code and build the app at its Github.


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